TREND WATCH – Wood and Pipe Construction

TREND WATCH – Wood and Pipe Construction


All the HYPE over pipe? Why is this? In this edition of Trend Watch, we will attempt to answer this question.

Whether you’re using copper, galvanized or black pipe, each has a unique feel and taste. The black has a rustic vibe, while the galvanized feels more industrial, and the copper has a more soft and elegant feel about it. 

Each adds an element of worldliness and distinction. The impressive part is the functionality and ease, along with the ability to be used in many applications. Here are just a few examples of the wide variety of projects to consider when wanting to incorporate pipe.

via West Elm

via 4 MEN 1 Lady

via Love Grows Wild

via DIY Showoff

via A Beautiful Mess

via Upcycled Treasures

via For Me, For You

Really it comes down to your taste and the look you’re going for. Think of using pipe as an alternative to wood in many cases. So the question of “Why the hype over pipe”?  Well, why not? It’s stable and durable in the same conditions you’d find your wood building projects. It’s easy and there are no special or expensive tools required.

Hope you’re inspired to try something new for a change!




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